I spent a couple of days this weekend helping my really good friend Jennifer. She's been working out of town and she needed to get her car out to where her motor home is, not to mention getting her a new iPhone since she lost hers. Since she was working I decided to check out the small town of Hardisty, Alberta. Honestly there is not much there but a small lake and oil storage tanks a few km up the road, but there is still some beauty to this town. I managed to find a few spots to take some pictures that I'm quite pleased with.

Highway to Hardisty! 

Dock out of troubled water!

Here I was using an Vari-ND filter and a Grad filter which helped to get the hazy effect in the water.

Hot and Cold!

I'm not sure what these two valves were for but I'm sure they served their purpose at one time. This is an HDR and was shot with a Vari-ND filer at 5 frames. The filter has a built in warming polarizer which helped with the colour in the clouds.