Snowshoeing-Strathcona Winderness (3 of 3).jpg

About a month ago I decided that I need to do something in the winter time, rather then spend the time at home inside. I remember seeing some snowshoes in the shed of a very good friend that I spent much of my summer with in 2012. So a week ago i finally bought a pair for myself. Today I went to the Strathcona Wilderness Center for a hike and brought my camera and a few lenses with me.


I started on the trail at first, but soon headed for the wide open space of the dried up lake bed.  Almost immediately I seen in the distance the spot to take some pictures.  One group of bushes stood out from all the rest, and it was in the middle of the lake.  You could see it glisten from the sun from all the frost on them.  I can't figure out why only this group of bushes was this way, but I wasn't about try to figure out mother nature.  These bushes were fantastic to see with the sun so high in the sky. 

Snowshoeing-Strathcona Winderness (1 of 3).jpg
Snowshoeing-Strathcona Winderness (2 of 3).jpg

I used my 70-200mm f2.8 lens with a variable ND filter w/build in warming polarizer set at 8 stops. These 2 shots are 5 exposure HDR's.